Trouble for Arsenal stakeholder

According to an index of the world’s richest people, Arsenal’s second largest shareholder, Alisher Usmanov is one of the many rich people from Eastern Europe who have been hit really hard by this week’s much discussed collapse of the Russian rouble.

According to the latest reports, the Uzbek-born businessman has suffered a loss of around $809m in just the last 48 hours as the Russian currency falls to its lowest value in more than a decade, thanks to the result of falling oil prices.

The recent trouble with rouble has not been kind on Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich either who has lost quite some gloss in his coffers.

However, it is Usmanov who would stand to lose the most should the price of rouble fall further. In recent times, the businessman has been very willing to spend money on the club in order to sign the best possible players in the market. However, with the recent financial catastrophe, Usmanov will definitely struggle a lot in getting his voice heard during the board meetings with the principle owner, Stan Kroenke likely to get even more of a strong hold on the club’s financial affairs.

Usmanov currently owns 30% of the club’s shares right now and had been planning to acquire more in the future. That however, seems to be unlikely with the recent events that have transpired.

Andrew Roach is writer and editor of A keen Arsenal fan who is always on the pulse of all things at the Emirates!