Arsene Wenger refutes bulging budget claims

The Arsenal manager says that Lord Harris went over the board when he stated that the club has 200 million pounds to spend in the transfer market

A few hours back, the Gunners’ director stated that the club is in a great position to buy every player in the world except for a few exceptions. However, it appears that the director got a little too excited about the club’s finances as the club’s manager says that even though the team has a lot of cash under the table, 200 million pounds is way off the charts.

However, the Frenchman did say that the club has always sought good players in the transfer market and will continue to do so.

“Lord Harris has gone a bit overboard because that is not true,” he told reporters at a press conference ahead of the Emirates Cup, which begins on Saturday.

“We are in a situation where we are working hard where if an opportunity comes up we can do something but we are not in the need.

“We are in a strong position with a strong squad I am happy with.

“We are open-minded everywhere. We work very hard to find the players we can. We spent a lot of money in the last two seasons and bought Gabriel in the middle of the season to be ready for this season.

“We are not reluctant to spend the money. Now we have the money, if we can find the players we will spend the money.”

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