Jack Wilshere talks up title chances

The Arsenal midfielder is confident that his team can mount a serious assault on the Premier League title

The England international says that if the team is able to quickly get out of the blocks, it will be challenging the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City for the Premier League crown.

The Gunners finished the last camp in a very strong manner but a poor start to the season was perhaps the reason why they never threatened Chelsea or Manchester City. However, Wilshere is confident that the team’s fortunes will change this time around if they make a great start to the new campaign.

“We didn’t start the season well last year but the way we finished it, if we had played the whole season like that then we could have been champions,” Wilshere told the club’s official website.

“If we continue our form from the end of last season when we dominated games with our possession, and we won the ball back in better positions high up the pitch, then we’ve got a real chance.

“We want to win the league, of course we do. We feel we’ve been together a few years now, we’ve brought in world-class players who have had time to settle, we’ve added a world-class keeper with all of his experience, he’s been there and he’s done it, he’s won everything.

“So we really feel we’re in a strong position.”