Benitez breaks Wenger’s dream of landing Benzema at Emirates

Real Madrid manager Rafael Benitez has mooted the rumours that Karim Benzema’s move to London is in the cards. He refused to the talk about the potential David De Gea buy and completed ruled out Benzema move.

The 21-year-old striker had been one of the interests at Emirates Stadium and was considered their marquee signing this season. However, as the rumours built up, Benitez has ruled out any possibility of him being a part of the Gunners, although Arsene Wenger is willing to play cool and wait out for a potential window of opportunity.

“Benzema, I think, is going to stay with us,” he said. “I am very happy with him. I have no reason to think he will go. I said before that Madrid have signed some players and have a great squad, but I aim to improve the team and to be as competitive as we have always been.”