Disaster diverted with Clinton Njie not signing with Arsenal FC

Former Olympic Lyon striker Clinton Njie’s move to Tottenham Hotspurs saved Arsenal by the bell. The club known to be running by tight budget no matter what had a face saving when the move diverted to north-London rival.

The fact of the matter is that Arsenal has always been somewhat of a miser at spending in the transfer windows. Even this year, the Gunners missed on the chance of bringing Frenchman Karim Benzema from Spain to London. Now Cavani of Paris Saint-Germain is the only option left to strengthen the strike.

Arsenal’s attempt to bring Njie to Emirates would have ended with the same fate as did the Danny Welbeck move last year. First criticism hit Arsene Wenger at the time of the move and then during the season when he did not perform. The same could be expected from Njie, who at 22-years of age is not much of an improvement over the current combination.

Therefore, it is for the best that the Cameranoonian did not sign for the Gunners.