Arsene Wenger has no sympathy for Liverpool

The Gunners manager famously tried to trigger the release clause of Luis Suarez but the Reds stood firm

Arsene Wenger says that he has no sympathy for Liverpool’s loos of Raheem Sterling because they refused to sell Luis Suarez to his team in 2013.

The England international became the most expensive Englishman ever when he signed for Manchester City for a huge sum of money in August.

Wenger famously made a £40,000,001  in order to trigger a release clause for Suarez’s contract but Liverpool stood firm and instead, sold him to Barcelona. And, Wenger has not forgotten the club’s double standards.

“Liverpool is in a position they can make their own decisions,” he told reporters. “They refused to sell us Suarez, so I cannot feel too much sympathy for them.

“I personally rate Raheem Sterling. We will see that in the longer term. I personally don’t think that Sterling was making a lot of drama. It’s just during the transfer window that that happened.

“During the season, the boy was quiet – never made any stupid statement. I don’t think he made too much noise. He’s a quality player. They bought Firmino. We will see what he will produce. He is a similar player.

“But let’s remember, two years ago with Suarez, Sturridge, Sterling, they scored over a hundred goals. To score more than a hundred goals in the Premier League, you need special quality, and Sterling was part of that.”