Arsene Wenger reveals transfer market plans

The Arsenal manager has been linked with a host of midfielders all summer long but has suggested that he won’t be signing one now

With the likes of Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere, SantiCazorla, MikelArteta and Francis Coquelin all fighting for central places in the squad, the manager is finding it hard to strike the perfect balance in his midfield and believes that bringing another player onboard could only complicate the matter further.

“It’s an impossible job [to balance the midfield],” the Arsenal manager said ahead of Monday night’s clash with Liverpool. “But that’s why I tell you I always get asked two questions, ‘Why don’t you buy more players, and how do you keep them all happy now?’”

“I believe that competition is part of our job. On the other hand you have to get the number right – too many players in the squad goes against competition.

“If you have a certain number of players who think they never have a chance to play, they killed something. Not enough players creates too much of a comfort zone.”