Arsene Wenger hints at central role for Santi Cazorla

The French tactician feels that the Spaniard is more technical than Aaron Ramsey and will add more fluidity to the centre of the park

Ahead of the Monday night encounter with Liverpool at the Emirates, Arsenal might see a few positional changes with Arsene Wenger looking to tweak the formation just a little bit in order to stifle the Reds’ midfield that could over run the Gunners if they are given much space to work on.

And Wenger says that Cazorla could be the type of player who helps his team being more fluid in the centre of the park.

“He [Cazorla] is naturally a guy who brings fluidity,” Wenger said. “And gets you out of tight situations.”

“My thinking [putting him out wide] was more about physical power in the centre of the park, to win the ball back and be capable of winning challenges,” the Arsenal manager said. “Santi is a more technical player. And also to get him higher up, next to Özil, to play through the lines, find those two, and combine in the final third.