Gary Neville critical of Arsene Wenger

The Sky Sports pundit has lashed out at the Arsenal manager, stating that he is arrogant and naïve not to sign a strong midfielder

In last night’s Premier League encounter with Liverpool, the Gunners manager started SantiCazorla in midfield alongside Francis Coquelin. And Gary Neville could not understand why Arsene Wenger had to play his players out of position when he can actually go out in the market and bring in a proper midfielder.

The former Manchester United man believes that with the squad they have, Arsenal cannot win the league.

“I think they are good players, Cazorla is fantastic to watch. But I’m talking about Arsenal winning the league,” Neville explained.

“Think about Fabregas or a Paul Scholes when we were playing, fantastic player. You’ve got to build people around him. Facilitate what maybe they can’t do.

“To me it’s arrogance. I think it’s arrogance. I really do. To think that you are not going to adapt your team, to change to impact on the other teams that you’re playing against and their strengths.

“It is either naive, or arrogance. Because they keep losing this way.Belief? It is misheld belief.”