Oxlade-Chamberlain says that he can handle Neville’s criticism

The winger insists he respects comments made by the England coach and media pundit and even records his appearances on television to hear his views.

Oxlade-Chamberlain was asked for his thoughts on the coach’s direct approach, but maintains he has the respect of the entire squad: “He can do those things to us and we respect it, but at the same time we might also say ‘no, I’m putting them back in. That’s not for me Gaz’!”

“He’s brilliant the way he explains things and I think he is very respectful when he says what teams need to do better and what players need to do better in a game.

“I’ve recorded games before because I quite like to hear what Gary has to say. I do believe he knows what he’s talking about. If I’ve had a bad game, I know I’ve had a bad game and I don’t mind hearing it. I’ve had 15 years of hearing it from my dad! I’m the first one to have a go at myself and then it’s my dad, so if Gary wants to join in, then it’s fine.”