Goodbye Dave Jones Hello Swansea City!

Another day, another football manager getting sacked. This time it is Cardiff City’s Dave Jones who has paid the price for missing out on promotion to the Premier League.

The Welsh side were defeated by Reading at the play-off semi stage earlier this month and lost in the final last year to Blackpool. Jones will now not get the chance to go one step further.

Perhaps a sign of the times in football management, but nobody has been massively surprised by this news.

In fact, it would have been very unexpected had he been given the backing of the Cardiff board and was therefore still manager at the start of the new season. This is despite finishing 4th in the Championship in the last two years.

Coming quite soon after Carlo Ancelotti was sacked at Chelsea after finishing 2nd in the Premier League, it really is a sign of how tough football managers have it these days.

Nothing is ever really good enough is it? Where has the patience gone? Why does it seem to be one disappointing result and a manager’s position is being questioned?

Imagine if Manchester United had taken this approach with Sir Alex Ferguson when he first joined the club. Success wasn’t immediate and in reality, he would have probably been sacked if he had begun his reign in 2011.

Jones’ situation at Cardiff is perhaps slightly more understandable given that he has had ample opportunity to get the club to the Premier League, spending a fair amount of money along the way.

It is now time for another man to take the hot seat at the club and the question is – how long will they get to achieve what Jones couldn’t manage? Probably not too long.

It really is a shame that football is heading down this route, thinking that a managerial change will be the solution to all of their problems.

Of course it is a results business and sometimes something needs to be done, but it would be nice if there was some more loyalty in the game.

How happy are you with the manager at your club? How long does he get to achieve what the club wants to achieve?

It would be interesting to hear your thoughts.



Bobby James

As well as being the Editor in Chief of SqueakyBumTime, Bobby is also a Swansea City fan (before they reached the promised land).

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