John Terry to leave Chelsea for MLS

The veteran defender says that he does not see himself playing for the Blues for more than two years and welcomed a move to the MLS

The former England international admits that even though he wants to do well for Chelsea, he knows that his days at Stamford Bridge are numbered. The centre back is set to turn 35 in a few months but with the emergence of the likes of Kurt Zouma, the possible arrival of John Stones and the presence of Gary Cahill means that the defender will struggled to get enough game time.

While speaking to the Telegraph, Terry hinted that he may follow former teammate Frank Lampard to the MLS some time in the future knowing that he might be forced to leave Chelsea.

“I could handle being on the bench or not in the team, for sure. People like me and Steven (Gerrard) want to play, of course, that is our natural instinct” Terry told the Telegraph in the USA.

“When you play your whole career, it’s hard. If I then felt Chelsea were going to release me or thought I had nothing else to give, but I thought I could, then of course I would still want to continue to play. But that would not be in the Premier League, for sure.”

“I realise one day that my career will come to an end, so I want to give everything these next few years,” Terry said.

“I am always looking ahead and every summer, I work more or less every day to give myself the best chance of playing on.

“I’m 35 at Christmas. If it comes to that point where I’m left out of the side, I know it’s not through any fault of not trying. To be able to look at myself in the mirror and my family, that is all I want to do in my career.”