Hazard better than Ronaldo, Jose Mourinho

The Chelsea manager has managed both men but believes that the Beligum international is a better player than the Real Madrid star

As if who is the better of the two – Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo debate was not enough, Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho has added another dimension to the best player in the world debate by stating that Belgium international, Eden Hazard is a better player that Cristiano Ronaldo based on both players’ performances last season.

Hazard was the star player for Chelsea as he guided them to Premier League glory last season while Ronaldo did not manage to win any silverware with Real Madrid despite scoring the usual glut of goals.

“Obviously it depends on the season they have,” he said to the press of the world’s best players. “They have to win some titles, no? Football without titles is nothing.

“Messi won the treble. He won three competitions last year, he reached the Copa America final. He had a fantastic season for him and for his team. I don’t like players or managers to win individual trophies without the team.

“Last season, yes,” Mourinho continued when asked if Hazard had a better season than Ronaldo, “in spite of the fact that Ronaldo was fantastic. He was fantastic. He scored an incredible number of goals.

“I am not saying he is not fantastic. I am just saying that, in my personal view, every football player in the world should understand that a team has to be in front and no titles.

“Eden is coming with big status now and was voted one of the top 10 players in Europe last year. In my opinion he should be in the top three not in the top 10.”