Liverpool’s former doctor Peter Brukner slams Chelsea boss

The Reds former fitness master insists that Eva Carneiro’s was rational in treating Eden Hazard on the pitch during Chelsea-Swansea clash.

Mourinho publicly lambasted Blues doctor Eva Carneiro during Chelsea’s 2-2 draw at home to Swans. The Chelsea manager spoke after the match that it was naive and unprofessional of ┬áthe Blues doctor to take Hazard off the pitch when they were already one man short. Later, it was revealed that doctor Carneiro has been axed out of Chelsea bench and she will no longer be seen with the first-team. After the incident, number of people poured in support for doctor Carneiro, including Peter Brukner.

The former Liverpool fitness expert, who is currently the head of Australian cricket medical team, slammed the Chelsea boss for his ‘appalling’ behaviors towards doctor Eva Carneiro.

”I thought it was appalling behaviour by the manager,” Peter Brukner said.

“He has a player who has gone down, who has remained down and the referee obviously considered it serious enough to summon on the doctor and the physio.

“They went on as they must do when they are summoned on and the player is down, and as a result the player had to come off the ground.

“What do you expect the doctor to do? Just ignore the referee beckoning them on?”

Mourinho said Hazard was merely dealing with tiredness and a knock, but Brukner defended the medics’ decision to enter the field of play.

“Maybe he should be criticising his player for staying down, rather than the medical staff,” he told reporters.

“The medical staff were only responding to the referee’s instruction to come and treat the player, who was on the ground.

“So then to criticise the medical staff publicly in the way that he did was absolutely appalling behaviour.

“The medical staff deserve a public apology and I’m very disappointed that the club hasn’t come out and done something to support them – they were just doing their job.

“Our first priority as doctors and physios is the health and safety of the individual player, and that’s what they were attending to.

“They were doing their job and they’ve been criticised very publicly for doing the job. I think that’s a very disappointing result.”