Stones will be at Stamford Bridge by the end of summer window, says Andy Gray

Former Everton FC player Andy Gray said that he would not be surprised if John Stones ended at Chelsea dugout at the end of summer transfer window.

The Toffees legend Gray said that if the Blues’ offer improved slightly a bit than is anticipated, Roberto Martinez will have a real hard time turning his left cheek on it. If the bid climbed up to £35 to £40 million, Stones will be at Stamford Bridge at the end of August.

‘I would be amazed if, at the end of August, John Stones is still at Everton,’ Gray said. “It is still a work in progress for Roberto Martinez and if the bid is £35m to £40m I don’t think Everton can turn that down. I would be very surprised if Roberto hasn’t got something set up should the deal happen so he is ready to move when it does – and I think he will be ready.”