Stones next Mourinho target after Pedro

After stealing Pedro Rodriguez from Manchester United, Chelsea are now revealing themselves being on a shopping spree. It is now linked that owner Roman Abramovic has given manager Jose Mourinho a green signal for John Stones.

After the first three bids being rejected by Everton FC on the centre-back going as high as £30m, the boss is now willing to  go up to £40m for the 22-year-old. This kind of amount might be able to convince Roberto Martinez for a summer transfer of their top money making player this season.

It is reported that Mourniho is so keen in signing the player his substitution of John Terry in the last minutes during the Manchester City match was an indication to the management that he wants Stones at Stamford Bridge and right now.

As for Pedro, the Barcelona star is in London right now for a medical examination and will be joining Fabregas up front. Rumour has it that Pedro has already been made a part of the team for Chelsea match next week.

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