Mourinho adamant in getting Stones but Martinez plays hard to get

Jose Mourinho might have stolen the Pedro deal from Manchester United but the Chelsea boss is not having all his wishes come true this summer.

In the latest updates on John Stones’ transfer to Chelsea, his current manager Roberto Martinez has once again denied any progress in his move to the Blues. The Spaniard has been too stubborn in accepting a bid for the 21-year-old which has gone as high as £30m, all from the London-based club.

Mourinho on the other hand has rumoured to have been given a free hand to bring the centre-back to Stamford Bridge. Chelsea owner Roman Abrahamovic has given a green signal to the Portuguese to ensure the Briton’s arrival at the club. However, Martinez’s stubbornness is an impasse.

There were rumours that Stones had formally handed in a request for his transfer to Chelsea but the boss has mooted them as well. “I am not aware of that,” he said. “I have no hesitation in playing John. Not at all.”

This hints that there is a lot of drama to unfold until this summer window’s end.