Chelsea’s quest to sign John Stones is yielding panic in Everton camp.

After some catastrophic defending from the reigning champions in the opening games, Mourinho has seen enough and decided to move ahead and sign a defender.

John Stones, who caught the eyes of everyone last season at just 21 years of age. Everton’s defense has single handedly been refurbished by the talented Englishmen who lead the team even in Jagielka’s absence.Stones after seeing Chelsea’s offers of £20m, £26m and £30m for him decided to take matters into his own two hands and submitted a transfer request.

Everton manager Roberto Martinez insisted that 21 year olds transfer request would not make much of a difference to the situation as the club wants to retain his services for at least two more years.

He carried on stating: “No. When you got a long-term contract those things don’t change at all. If someone comes in from nowhere and puts in a transfer request that is a different situation.

‘In a saga of I don’t know how many weeks now, we are very clear. I speak to John every day. As a footballer, unless two clubs reach an agreement, you can’t do anything.