Mourinho: If Chelsea lose, only then I’ll go out to dine

The Chelsea boss is set to reach a milestone ahead of today’s fixture against Crystal Palace, but says he will stay home if he wins but will dine out if he is defeated.

The Blues manager is taking charge of his 100th home game at Chelsea. He is the most successful manager in the stats recorded for the win ratio in the 100 games, with losing just one of the home games.

When you ask me about dinner, I’m more the opposite. If I lose, I go out. More that than if I win. I don’t go out there. I have four or five restaurants where I go,” he told reporters.

“It’s like a family thing. I don’t have to hide myself because I’ve lost a match, to make my family sadder than what they are because you lose, and stay at home because we lose.

“When people do their best, like I always try, and you lose you don’t have to hide.

“Sometimes I walk to a restaurant close to the stadium. Like, the game can finish at 5pm and I can be walking there at 7.30pm and still people are in the bars and the streets.”

Mourinho also insists that his previous triumphs count for nothing as he prepares for his anniversary game.

“It’s a nice record only if I win,” he added.

“At this moment, it’s only game 100 that means something. The other 99 don’t mean anything. Tomorrow, if I don’t win, I’m not happy. It’s only fantastic if I win against Crystal Palace.”