Panic buy? We’re good enough, claims Mourinho

Evident that Chelsea are in desperate need of a central defender and a midfielder, Mourinho claims that he hopes that the Blues don’t revert back to their spending habits after losing to Crystal Palace at Stamford Bridge.

The loss was Mourinho’s only second loss at home with Chelsea, the first came against Sunderland.

The former Real Madrid coach was critical of three unnamed players following the result but Mourinho says that he is reluctant to return to the transfer market and make rash decisions.

“I hope this does not prompt us to the transfer market. I don’t like that,” he told the press.

“I gave my club the report of the season projection on April 21. I don’t think it’s now on August 29 or 30 that I am going to say ‘I want this’ or ‘I want that’.

“We have to do better. Me and the players have to do better.”

New arrival Baba Rehman made quite an impact on the game whilst Fabregas and Eden Hazard remained anonymous for the major parts of the game.

It’s clear that if Chelsea want to push for the title, they need new signings.

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