Chelsea set to trigger Torino strikers’s £89m release clause

Andrea Belotti is plastering the headlines for all the right reasons, this Italian born 23-year-old has had a stellar season. His transfer value has risen by almost £20 million in a year and there is certain evidence to validate the speculation.

Chelsea FC have been reported to be leading the charge to sign the youngster from Torino, on a deal reported to trigger Belotti’s release clause of approaching £89 million. The Abramovich reign has seen a sharp rise in Chelsea expenditure so it is unsurprising to see their name’s as the favourites to sign the Italian international.

Despite Chelsea legend and former Italian international, Gianfranco Zola being quoted on the matter; stating Belotti to fit to Conte’s plan like a glove, fans should take some testimony from his impressive statistics.

The centre-forward boasts a strong strike rate, where from 34 appearances in the Serie A, he has scored 26 goals and assisted teammates on 7 occasions. Regional competitions show class but international prowess is where scouts become interested.

A track record in the FIFA World Cup of 4 goals in 4 appearances for Italy shows Belotti at such a young age has the composure in front of goal.

Maturity comes with age and many believe Belotti is the full package without the head. Often described as hot-headed yet inconceivable commitment to the cause, Belotti has an excellent defensive record.

Tracking back to help out the back line seems to be of equal importance to tucking away the goals. Chelsea manager, Conte has been looking for a replacement for Diego Costa given their sour relationship.

Chelsea have a history of overpayment and as they prepare to launch a bid, could this recent bloomer spark the flame of an attack which Conte wants to create for the upcoming season.

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