Chelsea youngster heading to Championship

Ike Ugbo is a star in the making, just like Dominic Solanke, Ugbo has shown his strengths way past club level, into the international sphere too. Although Conte has been commended for giving youngsters a chance in the Far East tour, the squad is rather solid for the upcoming season.

For players such as Ugbo, this may prove vital to spend a few seasons away from home to hone their skills ready for first time starts later in life. His destination is Championship side, Barnsley; a mid-bottom table finisher in the last campaign could provide him with the experience that an 18-year-old like himself desperately requires.

This season-long loan deal is not the first of its kind and it is merely a way for Conte to monitor his performance as a player. He will be playing first team football in the second flight of English football, it is technically a way to scout a player and if he performs well, call him back or play him in the next season to further his career.

The England international contributed to the Toulon tournament in June which boosts his achievements massively having only entered adulthood 10 months ago.

Combined track record of scoring 23 goals in 35 appearances across two teams for Chelsea this season shows that the under-10 signup, definitely still has the potential that recruiters saw all those years ago.

A worthy winner of the FA Youth Cup with Chelsea as well shows that his attention to detail, maturity and determination to do the best for the team will go a long way for his future career. Many have compared his mannerisms to that of Daniel Sturridge in youth and it is not hard to see why pundits see a similar path for Ugbo when he comes of age.

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