Alonso admits he ‘needs help from Red Bull’ as F1 heads to USA

There is a distinct possibility that Sebastian Vettel could record his third successive Formula 1 World title this weekend.

Fernando Alonso is the only man that can catch him as we reach the penultimate race of the 2012 season.

There is definitely plenty of excitement in the year as we get ready for the first Grand Prix held in America since 2007 as this combines with a potentially decisive weekend for what has been a thrilling F1 campaign.

The scenario for Vettel to win the title in Texas on Sunday is rather simple. First of all, he must finish in the top three. Then, if he wins the race, Alonso must be 4th or higher to take things into the final race. If he comes 2nd, Alonso must finish 8th or higher. Finally, if Vettel is 3rd, Alonso has to be in the top ten.

Considering Vettel has been on the podium in each of the last five races – winning four of them – he is definitely expected to do his part. After all, when was the last time the German didn’t perform when he really needed too?

Many would like the title race to go to Brazil though and after Lewis Hamilton described Vettel as the ‘luckiest driver in F1’ recently, this may well include a few of the drivers. Perhaps Alonso would be the people’s Champion.

The Spaniard certainly has no illusions about his chances. He knows that he needs Vettel and Red Bull to have an off day. He needs them to lose their wings for a day, if you will.

Speaking ahead of the weekend, Alonso said: “It’s the fifth time I arrive in the last races fighting for the title. We have some chances, but we need some help from Red Bull.

“I am very confident. I trust my team and I trust myself and we are honest with ourselves. Our point is to score more points than the others on Sunday and I am sure we will do that in the next two races.”

Adding to the excitement for this weekend, it really will be fascinating to see how the new circuit in Texas performs. McLaren duo Hamilton and Jenson Button have already said they are looking forward to taking it on and hopefully, for the sake of people enjoying F1 in America, it is an entertaining race.

All eyes are on Vettel to begin with though, who seems in relaxed mood ahead of another massive few days. Reacting to criticism for swearing on live television during the last Grand Prix, he said: “If you are sensitive then you should watch some kids’ programme. You have the remote control in your hand.”

All things considered, everyone will be keeping things on the penultimate Grand Prix of the year though. Don’t worry Sebastian.


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