Ferrari chief backing Alonso for title

The Formula 1 title race isn’t over until the fat lady sings, or in a more F1 (and made up) saying, it isn’t over until the German and Spaniard cross the finishing line in Brazil.

Going into the last Grand Prix of the 2012 season, both Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso can still win the World Championship. Vettel is the favourite, but Ferrari are still adamant that their main man Alonso can have the last laugh.

Team boss Luca Di Montezemolo said: “I know it will be very tough, but I and all of us believe we can do it. We go to Sao Paolo with the will to win, knowing we will fight for it right to the last kilometre of the last lap of the race.”

Vettel had hoped to have things tied up in America last weekend of course, but Lewis Hamilton didn’t read the script and stormed to a stunning victory to deny the Red Bull man. The McLaren man would have enjoyed this no end too after labelling Vettel as the ‘luckiest driver’ in Formula 1.

If you have a moment, it is worth mentioning the various situations that decide who will be the 2012 World Champion this weekend. Going into the Brazilian Grand Prix, Alonso knows he must finish on the podium to turn things around.

Victory for Alonso and he needs Vettel to finish fourth or lower, 2nd place for Alonso and he needs Vettel to finish in the top seven. Then, if Alonso is third, Vettel will be denied if he finishes lower than 9th.

It is, therefore, still very possible that Alonso could be celebrating in Sao Paolo this weekend. It would be a dramatic race if he did, but who can rule out the possibility of Vettel crashing out or having a poor day during qualifying?

Alonso still has plenty of belief, as you would imagine. He is never a man that lacks confidence and in many ways, it appears he is going to enjoy the situation this weekend. Vettel has the expectation, he has the hope.

Ferrari’s No.1 driver said: “We will go to Brazil with the possibility to fight for the championship, which is something that we have fought for all year, and we have arrived in that fantastic position.

“Only Sebastian is in a better position than us but we should be proud of ourselves so try to enjoy the Brazil race.”

There will be the small matter of revenge on the mind of Alonso too, even if he doesn’t elude to it. Back in 2010, he was the one who led going into the final race of the season, but Vettel pipped him to the title.

Two years on, it is these two doing battle once again and it’s a cliche, but anything could happen.

Bring on the carnage!

Tommy graduated from Sheffield University in 2009 with a Journalism degree and has worked in various professional industry posts including the football print media.