Former Kop star wades into Suarez transfer saga

Former Liverpool keeper David James has become the latest footballer to offer his insight into the on-going Luis Suarez.

Following recent revelations from former Arsenal star Ian Wright that the 26 year old would be better off ignoring the advances of Arsene Wenger and remaining at Liverpool for another 12 months, James has claimed that the Reds are in fact a better side without the controversial striker.

The 43 year old who spent 7 years at Anfield, winning the league cup in 1995, believes that his old side could still secure a top 4 finish without the Uruguayan International.

“On a purely footballing side of things, as talented an individual as he is, the problem I find is that everything seems to go through Luis Suarez,” he said

“You have this talented player and there is no question about that but does it make the team better?

“I think there is so much hinging on Suarez that it is actually stopping Liverpool from progressing.

“I think the club, in letting him go, can actually then develop a lot more unpredictability about them, in the sense that they will have more options to play.

“(Daniel) Sturridge came in and was their second top goalscorer in half a season and you have Stevie G (Gerrard) there as always bolstering those numbers but there is so much focus on one player.

“Last season Liverpool finished seventh. I think without Suarez, they have a better chance (of finishing top-four).”

Despite Liverpool’s insistence that Suarez will not be sold this summer Arsenal remain confident of landing their man with the latest report suggesting that the player will force his way out of Liverpool this week.

Suarez, who refused to acknowledge the kop during an open training session this morning (Monday) is reportedly ready to take legal action, take his argument to Premier League arbitration and even submit a transfer request in order secure a move.

The player is believed to be aggrieved by the perceived broken promises of the club’s hierarchy who he says promised to let him leave should any cub in the Champions league offer more than £35 million.

So far, Arsenal are the only the club to do that with their offer £40,000,001 threating to not only create ill-feeling between Suarez and Liverpool but also between the two Premier League rivals.

While Gunners boss Arsene Wenger declared his wish for talks between the two clubs to remain amicable his Anfield counterpart Brendan Rodgers has accussed the Londoners of lacking class.

Trevor Keane is an Irish based sports writer and the author of Gaffers, 50 years of Irish Managers and Running through Walls, the Dave Langan Story.