Jamie Carragher gives his take on Sterling future

The English winger is hell bent on leaving Liverpool for Manchester City this summer and the former Reds defender has given his say on the whole matter

The former Liverpool man believes that the latest rumours surrounding the future of Sterling means that Liverpool will be more active than ever before in the summer transfer window and has gone even further to suggest that his former club will want to get as much money as they can out of this deal from Manchester City.

Sterling has already stated that he does not want to join up his teammates for preseason and Carragher says that City will be forced to pay up for the winger.

The Reds’ legend offered his theory behind the reports and what Liverpool might do, saying on Kicca: “This at times comes from the club who are chasing the player, in this case Man City, who ask a player to try and force the move after having two bids that where unsuccessful, all clubs at times have asked a player to push a move through but even so it’s still a story that doesn’t reflect well on Raheem. He’s starting to get a reputation that could be hard to rid himself of in the future, are Man City fans looking at the situation and thinking this could be us in a few years?


“I think this situation will only make Liverpool more determined to get the fee they feel Raheem is worth rather than caving in to Raheem’s & Man City’s wishes.”