Thierry Henry tips Chelsea to struggle

The legendary Arsenal striker says that Jose Mourinho’s men will find it really hard to reclaim their crown next season 

Jose Mourinho led the Blues to their first title since 2010 last season and Thierry Henry believes that things might not be that easy for the London giants this time around considering the fact that the other three top teams have spent quite a lot of money on new players.

Henry told Sky Sports: “In my time, before Chelsea came along to battle with us and Manchester United, you guys knew it was all going to be Arsenal or United winning the league.


Henry says that every single top team in the league has a point to prove this time around and all these teams will be out to make sure that they prove their point which will make a title defense really hard for the Blues.

“Have a look at the competition now to win the league. It is very, very, very difficult, so I expect everyone is going to challenge them, everyone is going to try to make sure they can win the title.

“Because if I said to you: ‘City cannot have the same season again, Arsenal cannot stay another year without winning the league, United won’t accept not winning the league two years in a row’ – that does not go down too well over there. What about Liverpool? So I expect everyone to challenge them.”