Paolo Di Canio: I would never sign Balotelli

The former West Ham star believes that the 24-year-old striker will struggle to reignite his career if he does not changes his attitude.

Paolo Di Canio, who was known for his fiery character during his career, reveals that Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli is more interested in being a celebrity than a football player. Di Canio also insisted that he the Italian International is wasting his potential and he will never amount o much unless he changes his attitude.

And the former Italy international feels that Balotelli is the type of player who has immense skill and talent but has so far failed to make any use of it and has urged him to right his wrongs.

“I’m talking as a Coach,” he told Fox Sports Italia.

“I think at some point you have to realise what it means to play with your teammates, sharing good and bad moments and it doesn’t seem like he [Balotelli] is doing that.

“Many Coaches have tried to change him. [Roberto] Mancini has been like a father to him, but even he won’t reunite with him at Inter.

“[Jose] Mourinho understood immediately, he’s good at understanding players, and he realised that he could change him. Now he hasn’t got anyone to rely on.

“He’s still young, he’s physically strong, and he’s an incredible athlete, but he’s never taken advantage of his great potential.

“Sometimes in football you think you can just hog the ball, show off in some way and let your teammates run for you, but you can’t, football is about sacrifice, and a bond with your teammates.

“That doesn’t mean off the pitch in a bar, but being generous on the pitch. I hope he’ll recover, but I can imagine it’ll be very difficult, as he spends to much time on social media.

“It seems like he uses football to be a celebrity, rather than the opposite.”