Liverpool set to get rid of flop Balotelli

Liverpool are on the verge of getting their hands clean off trouble boy Mario Balotelli.

The Italy international has flopped spectaculary at Anfield after signing for Brandon Rodgers last season. With just four goals under his belt in 28 appearances, Balotelli has proved his doubters right that he cannot be trusted as a player anymore. What a waste of talent!

Despite interest from Italy, Balotelli wished to stay in England, which made it very difficult for Liverpool to offload him.

However, newly promoted Watford have now stepped up and showed interest in not only Mario Balotelli but also Fabio Borini of Liverpool. Both strikers are out of favour at the club and Watford are in need of quality and experienced players up front who can get the job done for them in the Premier League, even if that job comes at a price of dealing with a troublemaker like Balotelli.