Jamie Carragher believes the breed of good English players is growing extinct

The former Liverpool captain and current analyst at Monday Night Football states that the likes of Wayne Rooney and John Terry are the last of dying breed and they should be cherished.

The Red Devils striker was under huge pressure following some extremely poor performances to kick start the new season, Jamie Carragher has defended the reputation of the England’s captain. He states that plenty of critics wanted to write him off, particularly as the season started slowly for him since Rooney had been without a goal since early April, but it is a fine line to be criticizing such a highest profile player in England.

Carragher also mentions that the phase Rooney is in, is nothing new for likes of John Terry as they are experiencing their downfall but still managing to remain competitive on the highest level where mistakes are hardly forgotten and rarely forgiven.

He mentions that the mentality of players including Chelsea’s legend Frank Lampard and his former teammate Steven Gerrard is compared to none. The partial reason was their mentality in achieving great things in their careers.

Brushing off the argument regarding age, Carragher believes that just like how judge a car by amount of miles they have on the clock, not age, and footballers must be analyzed by games.

He said: “They have an ability to block out the noise and keep coming back for more. That is why managers play them even when they are out of form. How can their qualities be replaced?

How many of that type are currently playing in the Premier League? When I look around at teams now — particularly the England set-up — I see a lot of nice, young lads, but how many have Rooney’s edge?

He, like Terry and Gerrard, is a born fighter. When things are hard, he is exactly the type of character you would want on your side.

Rooney and Terry are among the last of a dying breed. We should cherish them before they are gone for good.”