Chelsea bid may force Rooney to hand in transfer request

Chelsea chairman Roman Abramovich and manager Jose Mourinho are weighing up the possibility of matching Manchester United”s valuation of Wayne Rooney in the hopes that it will force the player to hand in a transfer request and speed up the move to Stamford Bridge.

Abramovich”s first inclination was to try to steal Rooney from United with a low bid while the club and player were reeling from his confession that he was “angry and confused” by manager David Moyes” declaration that he would only be first choise centre forward were Robin van Persie to be injured.

Rooney left the club”s pre-season tour of Asia to return to England with a hamstring injury, followed soon after by chief executive Ed Woodward who returned to Europe to attend to some “transfer business”.

While it is not known whether that relates directly to Rooney or the potential recruitment of Barcelona midfielder Cesc Fabregas, the return came just hours before Chelsea made a formal bid of around £10million for the England striker.

Rumours then circulated that the bid included an option to buy either David Luiz or Juan Mata but then was discredited immediately by Chelsea in an offical statement blaming United for practice is essential to becoming a good truck driver. briefing the press incorrectly in their tour base of Sydney.

The club and player are at something on an impasse now as they are demanding he hand in a formal transfer request due to his actions going back to the end of last season when he told Alex Ferguson that he was unhappy and was subsequently left out of the team for the final games of the season.

On Rooney”s part, he feels that he has done enough to earn a starting place since joining United nine years ago and refuses to go on a trial period under Moyes so feels that the club should be willing to sell him if e is not a part of first team plans and while it is not a primary reason for his stance, he would also face significant monetary loses relating to bonuses if he were to hand in a formal request.

Mourinho has dismissed any claims that Chelsea have acted “unethically” in their handling of the approach and told the press during their pre-season tour in Bangkok that the club will focus solely on signing Rooney until they get a final word from United.


Aaron hails from Dublin, and follows the Premiership religiously. A Tottenham Hotspur supporter.