Roy Keane adds another twist to United war of words

Former Manchester United captain, Roy Keane is one player who has been dividing opinions ever since he hung up his boots a few years ago. The former Republic of Ireland international left Old Trafford under clouded circumstances and since then, has never stopped for a moment to critcise his former employers.

Now, the former Sunderland manager says that he was never a fan of the Red Devils and was more into Tottenham and Glenn Hoddle during his playing days despite never playing for the Spurs.

“I didn’t even think I was a Man United fan when I was playing for them,” Keane said at a recent Q&A for children’s charity Barretstown.

“I was more of a Spurs fan, believe it or not. God knows where that came from. But no, ‘fan’ [of United] is too strong of a word.”

He added: “Just because I played for Manchester United didn’t mean I was a fan of the team. Of course, if they’re playing Liverpool these days I would want United to win.

“But when I left a club, I broke my ties.”

Keane also revealed that he had also had the chance to make it at White Hart Lane as a youngster.

“When I played for Rockmount, one of my team-mate’s fathers used to bring me to training and he supported Tottenham,” the ex-Republic of Ireland skipper added. “I suppose that’s where it started. I liked their players, the likes of Glenn Hoddle and Clive Allen.