Rio Ferdinand skeptic of Sergio Ramos deal

Former England international, Rio Ferdinand is thoroughly skeptic about the chances of Spain international, Sergio Ramos, leaving Real Madrid for Manchester United this summer. The centre back has reportedly grown tired of life with the Spanish giants and has asked to be allowed to join the Red Devils whom he once called the Real Madrid of England.

However. Ferdinand says that the recent rumours circulating in the media are nothing but the player’s agent’s attempts to earn his client a lucrative deal and also added that it is clear that this is a ploy for a fat pay cheque since Manchester City have also become involved in the who affair.

“Sergio Ramos to Manchester City? He was going to Man United the other day, now he’s going to Man City…! The agent’s flying, he’s doing well. He’s putting him with two of the biggest clubs in terms of financial power,” he said.

“I still can’t see it. I think he’ll stay at Madrid, where he’ll play alongside Raphael Varane or Pepe next season. Unless they’ve got another Varane coming through, I can’t see them letting him go.

“It’s a lot of money to spend on a guy who’s 29 with no resale value but why’s he going to go to Manchester City before United? It doesn’t make sense to me, I don’t understand it.”