Louis Van Gaal applauds medical team

Phil Jones was absent in the opening game of the season after he picked up an injury – which was spotted by Manchester United club doctor Dr Steve McNally.

The Red Devils boss praises club doctor Steve McNally for spotting Phil Jones’ injury before it got serious. The United defender had moaned about tight calves before the season opener with Spurs but continued to train. However, the medical team thought the situation was brewing to be something more serious and immediately pulled him out for a medical investigation.

Van Gaal said: “That was very peculiar because he had the whole week tightness in his calf and he kept training but we have a very good doctor I think because this doctor discovered a minor thrombosis.

“We don’t take the risk so we go to a second opinion to a specialist in the hospital and that was Friday.

“That was after my press conference so I couldn’t say anything.

“A specialist has said we have a new medical treatment and we have to keep him out for three weeks and we have to watch him.”