Real Madrid offer bid for De Gea, contract details in discussion

Manchester United number one choice David De Gea is now finalizing details of contract with La Liga giants Real Madrid. This summer transfer window was filled with the Spaniard’s possible move to his home country.

Latest updates have revealed that both clubs are thrashing out details of the 21-year-old’s contract. Though boss Louis Van Gaal wanted to keep the youngster at Old Trafford he made it clear that he does not want to play for United anymore. He rejected a new contract from United meanwhile Madrid made the move and offered a three-year contract to the Spaniard.

Yesterday Van Gaal revealed that his talks with the goalkeeper ended in a high note. Both agreed that De Gea does not have any problems with United but is looking for alternatives to further his career.

Once the contract is finalized he will move back to Spain. Currently, he is training with the reserve team at Old Trafford.