Paul Scholes questions De Gea’s dedication to Manchester United

The Red Devils legend has question De Gea’s omission from the squad and claimed that the Spanish goalkeeper is ‘out of order’ if he has lost

Talking to BT Sport, Scholes voiced his frustration at the way the Spaniard has been acting in recent weeks.

‘How can you lose focus?’ Scholes raged. ‘That’s the thing for me. He is getting paid by this club, it is a brilliant club.

‘They paid a lot of money on a young keeper to give him this chance. If the manager is right and says he has lost focus then yeah, I think he is out of order.

‘He should be in that team playing. If it wasn’t for him last year, they probably wouldn’t be in this position tonight so they have to thank him for that.’

Sitting beside Paul Scholes was another former Manchester United player Rio Ferdinand who gave his say on the transfer sage.

‘I think it sets the tone,’ Ferdinand said. ‘I think it tells players you can get out of this club easy. No you can’t. If we want you stay and you are one of our better players then you will stay here and play under our conditions. That sets the tone.

‘It is disappointing to see it get to this stage. It has become a bit tit-for-tat, there is a lot going on behind the scenes we can’t explain because we don’t know, but you’ve got to play him.’