Gary Neville believes Manchester United require at least three new signings to remain relevant in Premier League

After a terrible performance against Swansea, Gary Neville has admitted that Manchester United need a new striker, midfielder as well as a defender before the close of the transfer window.

Van Gaal made a dubious comment that Manchester United ‘dominated’ against Swansea whilst in reality, they were always the second best team on the pitch.

He said: ‘They’ve not got enough cutting edge. They haven’t got players who can beat players in the final third, they don’t create enough. For me they get lulled into thinking they are playing football really well.

‘They dominate possession but they don’t dominate matches. You dominate a match by scoring goals and playing at a high tempo. Win the game and then control possession.’

Neville added: ‘They need to sort the Goalkeeper situation out. That’s a big problem. Manchester United need to sign a new striker, keep De Gea and now that Jonny Evans has gone, ideally a centre back too, in the next few days.’