Mexican legend slams Louis Van Gaal for his lack of professionalism

Mexico and Real Madrid legend Hugo Sanchez has labelled the Manchester United boss as a “scoundrel” for his reaction to Javier Hernandez missing a penalty.

Van Gaal was caught on camera giving his assistant Ryan Giggs a glare that was translated by many on social outlets to spell the end of the Mexican forward’s time at Old Trafford.

“Van Gaal made a bad decision – and it’s not one he’s done for the first time, he’s done it 50,000 times,” Sanchez told Futbol Picante.

“I’ve coached and a coach cannot do that to their own player. I’d go out and applaud him and tell him to trust in himself. But that look he gave Giggs… What a scoundrel.

“It was a bad game for Chicharito but any player in the world can do that. Van Gaal is a scoundrel; hopefully those in England realise he is a bad person and treats his players poorly.

“He should be professional. The players deserve professional and humane treatment.”