Carragher believes Suarez needs tough love from Liverpool

Brendan Rodgers has made clear his position on the comments and actions of Luis Suarez this week.  And one place where the Liverpool manager is drawing some very clear support from is recently retired centre-back Jamie Carragher.

In conversation with Sky Sports News, Carragher said:  “I went in to Friday training before Stevie’s testimonial and that wasn’t the Luis Suarez I knew. I think it’s right for Brendan Rodgers to take him out of the group because no one player is bigger than the team or the squad.

“He’s not going to be playing because he’s banned, so Liverpool need to concentrate on getting it right for the first game of the season against Stoke.

“If Suarez is a distraction for everyone then he needs to be taken out of the group.”

The now infamous Guardian interview has appeared to make a taut situation with the player worse.  On Wednesday, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers came out angrily in reaction to the players comments, telling the Liverpool Echo:  “There were no promises made – categorically none – and no promises broken.”

Carragher spoke about how there are “ways and means of going about it.”

He added: “Players get transferred all the time and you can’t always have what you want.

“Liverpool Football Club have got to protect themselves as well. Arsenal are a big rival for a top-four place and maybe if he wanted to go somewhere else it wouldn’t be such a big issue and maybe Liverpool would sanction a deal.

“Nobody wants unhappy players at the training ground or on the pitch playing. It affects other people.

“But it’s very difficult for Liverpool, like the Wayne Rooney situation with Manchester United and Chelsea. They’re direct rivals and that’s the big deal. That’s the problem.”

The likelihood of Suarez joining Arsenal has taken a nose-dive with Liverpool now clearer in their position then ever.

And Carragher agrees the striker needs to show more respect, saying:  “He can’t carry on the way he’s been carrying on. Brendan Rodgers has come out and said that nobody is bigger than the club and that’s exactly right.

“There will be agents and probably people at Arsenal talking to him, but he’s a grown man. He’s not a kid, he’s got a family and he needs to make his own decisions and what’s right for him.

“It’s also how he’s coming across as a person to the Liverpool public and the country in general.

“Of course Arsenal want to get the player, but sometimes you’ve got to remember how people are seeing the situation and how people are looking at you.”

Brian is a sports journalist with over 5 years experience of writing on all things soccer. Resides in Dublin, Ireland.