Rodgers concerned that Suarez may try to sabotage Liverpool in early stages

The saga surrounding Luis Suarez’s desires to leave Liverpool have been so intense that it has been easy to forget about anything going on around Anfield.

With the new Premier League season just a day away, Brendan Rodgers is worried that the Uruguayan’s desperate attempts to leave the club could distract or even “sabotage” some of their early form.

Instead, the Liverpool boss is wanting calm so that the players can focus fully on their game against Stoke on Saturday.

There is still a lot of animosity between Rodgers and Saurez who has still yet to sit down with the club and let them know about what his final stance on the matter will be.

With Suarez already stating that Liverpool had breached his contract and several personal agreements made between both players, it has infuriated many senior officials at the club who do not want to sell the striker to Arsenal.

The Gunners are thought to be preparing for the Uruguayan which is reported to be worth £49m which would make Suarez the second most expensive player in the Premier League.

Despite these rumours, Rodgers has started they he won’t be commenting on the situation until late September when the forward returns to first team action.

The controversial Suarez is still yet to serve his 10 game suspension which he was given after he bit Branislav Ivanovic in a match against Chelsea back in April.

Rodgers believes that maintaining the squad’s focus and dropping the Suarez matter is vital to his team’s success.
This was underlined in comments the manager made on Thursday when he said: “There’s too much good work gone on here for it to be overtaken by anything else.”

“The players have worked so hard, their concentration has been brilliant and we are all very determined this year. I can’t let anything detract from that. Nothing can sabotage what we are trying to do. I don’t really want to go on about it. It’s just something we cannot afford to happen,” he added.

As Liverpool are seemingly more determined than ever to qualify for the Champions League, Rodgers is clearly trying to eliminate any possible distractions that might stop them from doing this.

The Suarez matter is still far from settled and the pursuits from both Arsenal and the player himself to force the transfer will still cause things to rumble on but it seems that for now, Liverpool are wanting to put the team first and nothing else

Andrew Roach is writer and editor of A keen Arsenal fan who is always on the pulse of all things at the Emirates!