Million Pound Drop Slots Game Play online with Paddy Power free bets exclusive

The Million Pound Drop is slowly taking over our televisions as Match of the Day takes a back seat on Saturday nights. What’s all the fuss about?

We take a look at this new phenomenon and look at the online game which is taking the UK by storm.

Paddy Power have been in touch to tell us they have developed an online version of ‘Million Pound Drop’ for you to try out and will throw in £100 in free bets for all SqueakyBumTime visitors! This is an exclusive offer for this site only! Claim here

The Million Pound Drop is once again on our screens and contestants will be attempting to walk away with life changing amounts of money. For those of you who have not yet seen this masterclass in how to run a gameshow then here’s a very brief run down. Our favourite presenter, Davina McCall introduces the show,  and gives the lucky contestants £1m in cool hard cash.

There are eight questions which need to be answered one at a time. In front of the contestants lies a devilish device with and four trapdoors. Each trap door represents one of four answers. With £1m, the player must spread out all or some of the cash or choose the correct answer to the question.

Incorrect answers means that the trapdoor will open, and if there is any cash allocated by the player onto that answer then the cash will fall and be lost for ever. Of course the £1m can be spread out across more than one trapdoor to limit the losses, but the questions will get harder and harder, and with the show being live there is no time to get on the internet for a quick search for the answer!

It really is simple to play and is quickly becoming a nations favourite.

To run in conjunction with the programme Paddy Power have been in touch to tell us they have developed a unique ‘Million Pound Drop’ Slot machine, which can be played with real money or played for fun.

Those who wish to take the plunge and play with real money have the opportunity to walk away with a cool £250,000.

The action continues on Channel 4 this Saturday at 9pm.

Bobby James

As well as being the Editor in Chief of SqueakyBumTime, Bobby is also a Swansea City fan (before they reached the promised land).

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