Gordon Taylor admits Man City’s Carlos Tevez digging a hole

Professional footballers association chief executive Gordon Taylor has admitted Carlos Tevez is “digging himself a hole” after the Manchester City striker returned to Argentina instead of reporting back to the club.

Tevez hasn’t played for City since September after apparently refusing to come on in their 2-0 Champions League defeat against Bayern Munich, after which the Blues’ boss Roberto Mancini insisted he was “finished” at the club.

The Argentinian has since been suspended for two weeks and fined for the incident, with the PFA integral in reducing the sanction down from four weeks wages to two.

Now Tevez has further enraged his club by failing to report for training on Wednesday, instead flying home to be with his family despite being told to remain in England, and Taylor believes he is making his situation worse and worse by the day.

“To break an instruction not to go and to be determined to go is inviting trouble,” he told Sky Sports News HD.

“From that point of view, I believe there is going to be more trouble rather than peace in this situation.

“I do feel very disappointed to say the least, coming so soon when I was hoping things could move on. It’s gone into reverse and now he is left in a position that becomes very vulnerable. I’m sure it’s not only me, his advisors as well must be wondering where do we go from here?”

“It’s no use saying otherwise, the lad is digging himself a hole and it is going deeper.”

Previous reports suggested Tevez was ready to sue Mancini over his post-match comments following the defeat against Bayern, but Taylor believes there is a real chance of the former Manchester United striker having his contract torn up after his latest indiscretion.

“Bearing in mind what’s happened recently, he was clearly told – I have been informed – on more than one occasion that he was not to return to Argentina, that he was on a fitness regime here. He has not been in the team and if he has breached that instruction, that goes to the heart of the contract and that could be gross misconduct in anybody’s language.” he commented.

“From that point of view, I don’t want to predetermine, but I’m very concerned because it’s a serious situation and one that the PFA aren’t happy about and I assume neither are Manchester City.”

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