Exclusive: Imogen Thomas Holds a Football!

We always like to see people using their assets to enhance their lives, and really making a difference to the world.

Today is no exception as GiggysGate glamour model Imogen Thomas strips down to the bare minimum to pose for some exclusive Paddy Power photo shots.

Well, with the big game between Man Utd and Barcelona on Saturday who are we to argue with that.

We’ve also come across (ooeerr missus) a few Giggsy funnies that have been doing the round on internet and have made us chuckle.

  • EX Big Brother star Imogen Thomas is trying to launch her solo singing career. Apparently she has started by doing gigs in Manchester.
  • IN future super-injunctions are to be renamed “Gigging Orders”
  • Ryan giggs has gone into hiding.  I cant imogen why
  • AS he’s coming to the end of his career, Ryan Giggs is apparently looking into property, and is providing funding to build a set of hotels on a busy crossroads in Manchester. Apparently it’s going to be a Super Inn Junction.
  • RYAN Giggs and Imogen Thomas walk into a bar. But for legal reasons, we cannot finish this joke.

but our favourite is this cracker:

I WENT on Mastermind last week and my specialist subject was Manchester United. John Humphreys said: “Which Manchester United player is known as the Welsh Wizard?” I said: “I couldn’t say.” He said: “Correct. Who…”

Thanks to the Daily Star for those lovely ditties.


bless er!

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