Di Matteo to discover his fate this week

After winning an FA Cup and Champions League double, Chelsea appear close to finding out who will be their manager in the 2012-13 season.

In a surprising turn of events, the man who brought them silverware this season, Roberto Di Matteo, remains just a candidate for the role on a permanent basis and nothing more.

The Italian manager is set to go on holiday on Tuesday and owner Roman Abramovich is being rumoured to decide in the coming days just who exactly will be at the helm of the club for the next campaign.

The Russian oil tycoon will be fully aware that fans and supporters remain loyal to Di Matteo following his success this season but is still understood to be weighing up ‘bigger’ names.

Abramovich has always been keen to bring in the most attractive names and play exciting football, something he isn’t sure he’ll see with Di Matteo as manager.

As things stand, the Blues’ owner is looking to get rid of a number of names currently on the wage bill at Stamford Bridge but is unsure whether or not the current manager will go for that idea.

The alternative seems to be that Di Matteo’s role as Chelsea manager comes to an end and the Champions League victors opt to spend on another name such as Pep Guardiola or Fabio Capello, clearing out a lot of the deadwood as he goes.

Whatever the decision, it appears that Chief Executive, Ron Gourlay, will be the one to pass on the message to Roberto Di Matteo whether it be good news or bad.

Chelsea splashed out over £13m in order to bail Andre Villas-Boas out of his Porto contract and although they wouldn’t need to do the same for Fabio Capello or Pep Guardiola, is there really any point when they’re already succeeding.

In his two months in charge of the West London outfit, Roberto Di Matteo has led Chelsea to two of the most sought-after titles in the world.

Whether or not that will be good enough to earn him a long-term contract under Roman Abramovich is another matter entirely.

Tom is a recent graduate with a degree in Broadcasting from Brighton University, having written for a variety of sports publications, as well as a keen football fan and season ticket holder.